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Photoshop is the reference software in image processing.
There are several methods to correct colours by using the Digi Grey. We explain here the method using the Levels.

The screen captures are realized with Photoshop 7.




The Levels Tool :

- Make a copy of the reference photo (the one where the Digi Grey is visible) and work on the copy. To make a copy, open the reference photo and save it under another name in the .psd format or .bmp or .tif (-> File - > Save as). To work on the copy is compulsory because if you modify your reference photo you cannot make any more correction with the Digi Grey.

- Open the copy of the reference photo

- Activate the "Levels" tool :
- > Image
- > Settings
- > Levels…:

- The "Levels" tool is displayed like this:

You will use the three visible Droppers on the bottom right.

- Click on the "Black Point" dropper:

- Click on the black area of the Digi Grey visible in the reference photo:

- Click on the "White Point" dropper:

- Click on the white area of the the Digi Grey:

- Click finally on the"Grey Point" dropper:

- And click on the grey of the Digi Grey:

- Click on "Save" for recording the correction:

- Give a name to your Levels settings. Select a folder of your hard disk and click "Save":

- The result obtained by the Levels settings is the following:

- To process your other photos realized under the same lighting, it is very easy. Open them and click the "Levels" tool. Then, load the correction made on the reference photo:

- The correction will be immediately visible and you will just have to validate by OK to apply it without having to use the droppers.

- Make it for every photo.

- If you have many photos to be processed, you can record in a script the correction made with the reference photo. You apply then this script to all the photos to be processed via:
- > File
- > Automation (?)
- > Batch processing


It is possible to make a more precise correction by using the Curves tool. The method using Curves is described here (in English):

You can also use in Photoshop the free "plugin" PowerRetouche.

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