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Photoshop Elements is Photoshop's little brother. It is a light version that own although the basic tools for processing the photos.

The screen captures were made in Photoshop Elements 5.0 but the explanations are valid for the previous versions. We have verified them on the oldest version that we owned (Photoshop Elements 2.0).




Levels Tool :

- Make a copy of the reference photo (the one where the Digi Grey is visible) and work on the copy. To make a copy, open the reference photo and save it under another name in the .psd, .bmp or .tif format (-> File - > Save as). To work on the copy is compulsory because if you modify your reference photo you cannot make any more correction with the Digi Grey.

- Open the copy of the reference photo

- The correcting method consist in correcting colours with an adjustment layer. After that, this layer will be copied on the other images that need to be processed.

- Create a Levels layer :
-> Layer
-> New adjustment layer
-> Levels... :

- Click on OK for creating the adjustment layer:

- The Levels Tool displays as following:

You will use the droppers visible on the right.

- Click on the grey dropper icon:

- With the dropper, click on the grey of the Digi Grey:

- Click on the white dropper icon:

- Click on the white area of the Digi Grey:

- Click on the black dropper icon:

- Click on the black area of the Digi Grey:

- The result is too red/magenta, perhaps because the color cast is too strong (heavy?) and Photoshop Elements is not able to correct it at once:

- Select one more time the grey dropper:

- Click with the dropper on the grey of the Digi Grey:

- The result is the following:

- To apply the correction, click on OK:

- To apply this setting to the other photos, let the reference photo open and open the other photos on the workspace.

- In the Layer Palette of the reference photo, click on the Levels adjustment layer, hold the mouse button down (the cursor transforms in a hand) and drag the layer on the image to correct:

- The photo that receives the adjustment layer will be corrected.

You may also use in Photoshop Elements the free plugin PowerRetouche.

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